About us

The Department of Computer Engineering and Industrial Automation was established in 1971 when the former Department of Automation of the then School of Engineering of Campinas (FEC) came to have a team of teachers and researchers with degrees in Computer Engineering and Control Engineering. Later, the Department of Electrical Engineering (DEE) was created at FEC with the intention of bringing together the various departments which developed similar activities. On this occasion the Sector of Computing and Automation (CAI of the DEE) as created formed, derivated from the former Department of Automation. In August 1986 the School of Electric Engineering (FEE ) was created as result of the splitting of the DEE of the FEC. Nowadays,the FEE, as a unit of UNICAMP, has typical university activities, such as teaching, research and extension.In order to carry out such activities the DCA counts with 22 teachers,of whom 17 with PhD and 3 working full-time with teaching and research, plus a team of administrative and operational auxiliary personnel. Thepresent Department of Computer Engineering and Industrial Automation (DCA) is today a unit of the School of Electrical Engineering, working with teaching, research and development in the areas of Computer Engineering and Automation and Control Engineering. In addition, the DCA contributes intensily with UNICAMP's course of Computer Engineering, for which the School of ElectricalEngineering and the Institute Computing (IC), through the participatioof the Department of Computer Science (DCC) are co-responsible. DCA's work is based on teaching, reasearch, and development, having as basic element the emphasis in the understanding of the principles of science and engineering, that is: discernment with experimental, computer and analytical methods.